Reflections of a Polymath in an Age of Specialists

“Nobody ever called me daddy…  Actually, that’s not true…”  (Ned Davidoff, JOSHUA)

Dallas Roberts as Ned Davidoff in JOSHUA (2007):  This is an interesting horror-thriller, with Sam Rockwell and Jacob Kogan.  Joshua Cairn (played by Jacob Kogan), an eccentric nine-year-old child prodigy of proper upbringing and refined tastes, with predilection towards the piano, gravities closer to his aesthete uncle (played by Dallas Roberts), while distances himself from his immediate kin, which turns sinister and sadistic when his parents return from the hospital with a newborn sister, Lilly.  The film is gothically atmospheric, cleverly written, and has quite a Hitchcockian flare to it.  I really love how the music, religion, myth, atmosphere, scenery, characters, etc, interweave and spiral into this emotional chaos and this psychological madness!  It’s beautiful and intense, which makes the ending strangely unsettling!

I know more of you mentioned that you’d love to see Dallas sing more, but I sadly do not have any video editing programs.  If I did, I would upload a clip of the ending, so (in the meantime) you’ll have to settle with these images for now.  Cries!

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